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The night before your wedding is an incredibly exciting time! You will likely be together with your closest friends and family getting ready for one of the best days of your life. So where should you stay to get the best experience? Here are our favorite ideas of where to stay the night before your wedding.

Options for Accommodations the Night Before Wedding

What are the options for accommodations for the night before your wedding? There are a few traditional choices for accommodations as well as some newer trends we’ve compiled:


A traditional before-wedding accommodation option is a hotel. If you have many guests coming in from out of town and want to stay with some friends or family members close by, you can contact a hotel and book a block of rooms. A hotel often comps a suite for the bride and groom on their wedding night if you guarantee a certain number of rooms. Ask the hotel you’re interested in the options for the night before the wedding.

Family Homes

Another common place to stay the night before a wedding is a family home. If you are getting married close to your parents’ homes or even a family vacation home, it might be nice to get the family together and enjoy each other’s company before the big day.

Bed and Breakfasts

Bed and breakfasts make a great place to stay the night before a wedding. There are typically a handful of rooms at bed and breakfasts that you could book together or give some of your closest friends and family members the option of booking.

On-Site Accommodations

More and more wedding venues offer on-site accommodations for the bride, groom, bridal party, and family. Your venue might offer a single room, multiple suites, or even multiple cabins. Some venues require that you book all of the accommodations for the night before your wedding and the night of your wedding. Other venues have optional accommodation options!


Airbnbs are another excellent option for accommodations the night before your wedding! You might find a large rental where many can stay or book a few different rentals for different groups. Some larger Airbnbs have the option to rent out the entire home or individual rooms or sections.

Choosing the Best Accommodations

There are a few things to consider when choosing where you should stay the night before your wedding. One of the most important things to keep in mind is whether you will be getting ready at the wedding venue or your hotel or rental. If you are getting ready at a hotel or rental, make sure there is enough space for hair and makeup artists, family members, your bridal party, and your photographer. It is a good idea to look at the getting ready space at your venue before choosing where you will get dressed for your wedding day. Another important factor to consider is how many guests will stay together, which we will discuss in the following sections.

Where Do the Bride and Groom Stay?

Depending on what type of rental or home you choose to stay in, it would be best to put the bride and groom in the nicest location possible. For example, a room that isn’t shared with others would be ideal, as the bride and groom need to get a good night’s sleep. Another plus would be to have a private bathroom in the rooms where the bride and groom stay, so it is easier for them to get ready for bed and to get ready in the morning.

What About Family?

If you are getting married in a location where many family members have to travel to, it would be nice to provide them with lodging recommendations. If you choose to stay in a hotel and book a block of rooms, let them know so they can book their room early. And if you want certain family members to stay with you at a large Airbnb or a bed and breakfast, let them know your ideas! And if you are staying at a family home, make sure everyone knows which room is theirs for the night before the wedding so that the house doesn’t get too crowded.

Where Should the Bridal Party Stay?

Another thing to consider is where your bridal party will stay the night before the wedding. For example, the bridesmaids and bride could stay in one rental while the groomsmen and groom stay in another. Or, if members of your bridal party have mates and families, you could choose to rent a large Airbnb where everyone can fit in. You can even rent a separate spot for your bridal party to stay together if you’re staying with your family.

Best Places to Stay the Night Before Your Wedding in Hudson Valley

Historic Apartment in Hudson

We love this rental because there is lots of living space and natural light! The decor is modern and simple, making it a great backdrop for getting ready.

4 guests, $273/night

Hudson Carriage House

Centrally located, eclectic design, and lots of natural light. Although this rental only fits 4, you can contact the host about renting the entire space.

4 guests, $400/night

Modern Farmhouse + French-Inspired Maison Duplex

This property has 2 rentals—a gorgeous modern farmhouse-style rental and a French-inspired elegant townhome. Each space can accommodate 6 guests. These rentals would be perfect for 2 groups getting ready for a wedding day! 

Hudson B&B

A quaint, historic inn with all of the amenities you need for the night before your wedding and a homemade breakfast in the morning.

The Wick, Hudson

Modern luxury hotel in Hudson with guest rooms and suites.

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