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Have you ever wondered what a day-of wedding coordinator does? And what are the differences between a wedding coordinator and a wedding planner? Here’s everything you need to know about the duties of a wedding coordinator and why we recommend hiring one for your big day!

What is a Wedding Coordinator?

A wedding coordinator is responsible for caring for duties on your wedding day that will help you stress less and stay on track for a beautiful wedding. Wedding coordinators are not to be confused with wedding planners or venue coordinators. Wedding planners are in charge of helping you find the right vendors and designing your wedding day. Venue coordinators might help with communication before the wedding and on the wedding day to set up. But wedding coordinators handle more of the tasks on the actual wedding day.

Wedding Coordinator Duties Before the Wedding

Before the wedding day, you will likely run through all of your plans for the big day with your wedding coordinator. They will need to know which vendors will be arriving at different times of the day and the order of festivities. When you meet with your coordinator before your wedding, they will help you find any scheduling conflicts and organize the day’s schedule. Occasionally wedding coordinators will have recommendations for vendors they enjoy working with, but they won’t provide you with the detailed planning assistance a planner would contribute. Side note—if you need help finding local vendors, in addition to asking your wedding coordinator, you could also ask your wedding photographer for ideas! They regularly work with local vendors and are happy to help.

Wedding Coordinator Duties Day-Of Wedding

Each wedding coordinator and wedding is a little bit different, so the services a coordinator provides for your wedding day may vary. Have clear communication with your coordinator ahead of time to set expectations for your wedding day. Here are some typical duties a wedding coordinator will care for on a wedding day:

Setting Up

One of the most important responsibilities a wedding coordinator will care for is making sure everything is set up and ready for your wedding ceremony and reception. It is always helpful to have a third party that knows your vision well in charge of setup. This will help to avoid any issues with opinionated family members or guests. It is also a relief not to worry about the little details and just enjoy your day!

wedding coordinator day of

Fielding Deliveries

Another thing a wedding coordinator can assist with is accepting deliveries on the day of the wedding. At this point, they will have a schedule with all the times that deliveries are expected to arrive and contact information in case any problems arise. Again, having one person in charge of deliveries helps keep things organized and saves family members and loved ones from worrying too much on your big day.

Coordinating Vendor Arrivals

The arrival times of different vendors will also be on the wedding coordinator’s schedule so they can make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time. It’s also helpful to give your vendors your coordinator’s contact information so they can deal with any questions on the wedding day.

coordinating vendor arrivals on wedding day

Keeping Everything On Schedule

Your wedding day will go by so fast. A wedding coordinator can help ensure nothing is missed, and you can enjoy every festivity on your beautiful day. It’s so lovely to have someone else worrying about timing instead of remembering everything yourself!

wedding coordinator for the day

Handling Issues

A good wedding coordinator can handle any issues that arise, so you never have to hear or worry about them. Whether it is a miscommunication with a vendor or a decoration malfunction, a coordinator is experienced in finding a solution so the day can go on smoothly.

Should You Hire a Wedding Coordinator?

wedding coordinator duties

As you can see from the list of responsibilities they care for, hiring a wedding coordinator can help to alleviate much of the stress a wedding day brings. It can also help your family and bridal party to enjoy the day without having additional duties on their plate. Wedding coordinators have experience, and the ones we have worked with are excellent at what they do. We highly recommend hiring a wedding coordinator because they will provide you with invaluable assistance on an incredibly important day.

Want recommendations for Hudson Valley wedding coordinators? Reach out to us; we’d be happy to share some ideas!

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