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The Wedding Experience


the wedding details

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You've signed the contract & we are officially booked with you. Hurray!! We can't wait to get to know you both some more & truly discover your love story. Being selected to document such a huge step in a couple's life is truly & honor & we are so excited to be on this part of your journey with you! If you have booked us for photography, now we will begin planning your engagement session where we will help you get comfortable in front of the camera & share lots of laughs along the way!!

Let's hang out!


 Even though we've been hired as your photographer &/or videographer, we've not only experienced this ourselves (we just celebrated our 20 year wedding anniversary) these are our full time careers. Having that life experience, we are able to help you along the way if you need some assistance, suggestions, referrals, libations....whatever you need, we've got your back! We are here to offer support whenever we can because we want you to have the most stress free experience & also guide you with having the ideal timeline for your wedding day. Contact us whenever you need us! Did we just become BFFs?

Building trust


It's wedding day!!! We've been waiting to celebrate this day with you for months & now it's here. We are there to guide you all day & keep things running smoothly. We've put together a great timeline so we do our best to keep all vendors on board & working together as a team. Not everything always goes as planned no matter how prepared we all are, but we are there to cheer you on & keep the celebrations going. Because you will still be married no matter what, even if we hit a few bumps. 

The big day!


Your wedding day is done. After all the cake is eaten, you danced your socks off & packed your dress away it's time to view all your photos or watch your films. Within 48 hrs of your wedding day you'll receive a sneak peek gallery of images so you can share w/the world on social media you got hitched! On average it takes 4-6 weeks for photo turnaround & 3-4 months for your final film package. If you have ordered an album with us, then the fun part of going through your gallery & selecting your favs will begin. We will design an album layout for you & wait for your approval. Our lab takes about a week to deliver once we submit for production. We love their fast turnaround and stellar service. We strongly encourage you to choose your images within the first 3 months of gallery delivery so we get it in your hands as soon as possible.

Gallery Delivery


Successful documentation of a wedding can only happen when there is open communication between these two professions. Since we as the photographer and filmmaker are from the same studio and in fact live in the same house, your wedding will be a matter of regular day to day conversation between us. We come up with a game plan and find a groove where we accentuate each other's talent without overstepping our boundaries. We have obviously worked together in the past, we know how the other operates to the point of the unspoken eye contact/facial expression that can only be translated by husband & wife!

 Our visual style, work ethic and sense of teamwork are symbiotic and seamless, resulting in the consistency you deserve when the excitement settles from your day. As your team we align our priorities with yours and we share the incentive to create the best possible COMBINED imagery you and your family will treasure for the duration of your married lives together.

Using the same company for both photography and film will also save you time in the booking process. We arrange a personal consultation which addresses both photo + film and issue one contract to sign. We are all on the same page at all times, which makes your planning schedule so much less stressful. By having both of us seeing the exact same information, this eliminates any worry of crossed communication between separate studios.

Even though we have such a close natural relationship, each of us provide a unique viewpoint of your day – photos focusing on freezing moments of the day appealing to your visual senses, while the films draw out the words and expressions, putting the viewer through a heartfelt journey through audio and carefully crafted cinematic sequences. 

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