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New york Wedding Photographer & Videographer  

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We are going to capture the actual atmosphere you've envisioned, the sights and sounds of the start of your married life together. Nervous anticipation, laughter, a sparkle in her eye, a kiss, a meaningful glance, an embrace, a witty quip in a thoughtful speech, a dance, the endless looks of adoration from your family and closest friends – You, your family and friends, those who weren’t able to make it to the wedding, will be able to feel the emotions again as though you were standing right there. These are films you will be proud to show your future children when they ask what your wedding was like, and how their family began.

Many couples dismiss the idea of a wedding film. Sometimes it's just outside of the budget. More often than not, memories of sitting through poorly executed examples of their friends or family member's weddings comes to mind! There's nothing worse than sitting through a painful wedding video...maybe an extra long vacation video...In any case, we do not make those films. You won't find us staging cringe-worthy moments, or asking for retakes. You will however find us positioned, and ready to capture the authentic moments of happiness unique to your wedding day. We know this is a once in a lifetime event that lasts a relatively short period of time.

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