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The Morning of Your Wedding Day

So much planning goes into your wedding day. As the morning of your wedding finally arrives, you get to enjoy all of the hard work that went into making your day magical. The morning of your wedding is an almost sacred time. You get to reflect on the vows you’re about to make, the relationship that is about to grow, and all of the amazing memories the day will create. Where will you get ready for your wedding day, though? Here are some tips from a Hudson Valley wedding videography and photography team:

Hudson Valley bride gets ready for her wedding day with her wedding dress hanging

Choosing a Getting Ready Location

Bridal Suite & Groom’s Den

Depending on where you are getting married, there may be suites available for the bride and groom to get ready on their wedding day. Bridal suites typically have good natural lighting, spots for your hair and makeup artists, lots of mirrors, and plenty of space so the suite won’t be crowded. If your venue does not have a bridal suite and groom’s den, there are still plenty of beautiful options! 

In a Home

If you choose to get ready in your home or in a family member’s home, we suggest finding a space that isn’t cluttered or cramped and has a window or two that provide natural light. If there are a lot of items and distractions in the room where you get ready, it can be hard to take photos and capture video. Having a clean space will also help to keep you calm and keep track of your belongings as you get ready. Having a large window that provides natural light does wonders for your photos and the daylight will also be refreshing!

In a Hotel or Airbnb

Another option is to rent an Airbnb or hotel rooms to get ready in. The bride and bridesmaids could get ready in one Airbnb while the groom and groomsmen get ready in another. In Hudson Valley, there are some amazing local boutique hotels (like The Wick in Hudson) and Airbnb rentals. Renting a room or house might also give you the additional space you need for hair and makeup artists and any loved ones that will be with you as you get ready.

Hudson Valley bride gets ready for her wedding with her hair and makeup being done in a hotel room

Places for the Bridal Party to Get Ready

As we mentioned, the bride and bridesmaids will probably be together as they get ready for the big day and the groom will likely be with his groomsmen. When you’re planning for your location to get ready, it’s important to think about the amount of space you will need for your wedding party. If you just have 2 bridesmaids and your mother joining you, you might be able to get ready in just one room. If you have a large bridal party with many bridesmaids and others will be joining you as you get ready, it might be better to have a larger space, like a hotel suite or an Airbnb. You could even plan to have one space for your bridesmaids and one space for the bride to keep everything organized. It is also nice to have a space for snacks and drinks as everyone gets ready.

Note: The groom and groomsmen might take less time to get ready and need less space. If there is time, they could plan to visit a local bar or play a game of poker. Not only will this be enjoyable for the groomsmen, but it will also make for some great photo opportunities!

Bride and groom are ready for their winter wedding day
Bride is ready in her wedding dress with her hair and makeup complete on a snowy wedding day

Getting Ready Photos

Having a well thought-out location to get ready is also important for photos, especially in the case of bad weather. If there is rain, wind, or high humidity it might be difficult to take bridal portraits outdoors. We can take these photos indoors to ensure they come out beautifully and the bride’s hair and makeup doesn’t come out of place right before the ceremony. We enjoy taking detail shots at the getting ready location, like close-up shots of rings, flowers, and the bride’s dress. Having enough space for these photos can make a huge difference!

Getting Ready Tips

Our final words of advice are:

  • Choose a location with natural light first and foremost. Your photographer and hair and makeup artists will thank you!
  • Choose a space that will help you to be calm and enjoy your wedding morning with the people you love most.
  • Depending on the number of people you have in your bridal party, you will need a different amount of space to get ready.
  • Keep some space for snacks and drinks!
  • The groom and groomsmen could plan an activity if there is a gap in the timeline once they are dressed and ready to go.
Hudson Valley bride gets ready for her wedding day in front of a window with lots of natural light

Hudson Valley Wedding Photography and Videography Team

We are the Turnquists, a wedding photographer and videographer based in Hudson Valley. We’ve captured hundreds of wedding mornings and hope that these tips help you as you make arrangements for your own! Head over the blog to read more wedding planning advice and to view some of our galleries. Want to work with us? Inquire today!

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