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The 2022 wedding season will be here before we know it! After months and maybe even years of pandemic delays, thousands of couples are looking forward to their wedding day next year. With the huge wedding boom, we are so excited about some of the 2022 wedding trends that are gaining popularity as couples plan their events for next year. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite wedding trends to look out for in 2022.

wedding colors 2022

2022 Wedding Color Palettes

After years of muted tones, bright and vibrant wedding colors are here! The past couple of years, terracotta, sage, rose, and seafoam green have dominated wedding color palettes. These colors continue to be popular, but couples are going even bolder with their colors. Jewel tones, like deep rich yellows, blues, reds, and greens are taking off in 2022. These darker colors are featured in florals, cakes, and table settings and create a luxurious moodiness.

Wedding Dresses

Each year brings new and beautiful wedding dress trends. As designers release new collections and 2022 brides start ordering their dresses, we are seeing a few trends stand out. Many bridal collections feature exposed corset gowns. The corsets are made to be seen and feature sheer panels, lace-up sides, and decorative bodices. Another trend we are seeing more and more of is cut-out wedding dresses. This style has become increasingly popular in recent years as cut-out styles are more common in everyday wear. Another wedding gown design you can expect much more of in 2022 is statement sleeves. Trends are moving more towards billowing puff sleeves from tight lace sleeves. Lastly, expect more floral accents on wedding dresses and accessories. From embroidered veils to oversized floral accents on gowns, floral is definitely in in 2022.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

After a year and a half of backyard wedding inspiration, more couples are choosing to have their wedding ceremony outdoors. Outdoor wedding ceremonies are ideal for couples who want to have part of their wedding day in the beauty of nature. You can plan an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception to have the best of both worlds. Couples are also planning for beautiful decorations—floral arrangements for wedding arches, personalized aisle runners, and boho details for the guest chairs.

2022 wedding trends

Intimate Guest Lists

Springing from the necessary micro-weddings of 2020, more and more couples are opting for much smaller guest lists. Expect to see that trend continue even as restrictions are lifting. Couples are enjoying more quality time with a smaller guest list and are able to use their wedding budget on other things, like an upgraded venue or menu. Smaller guest lists also give you more options for choosing a wedding venue or having an outdoor ceremony and reception. 

Getaway Weddings

Both destination weddings and multi-day events are seeing a rise in popularity going into 2022. Couples are able to plan their dream wedding at a beautiful location with a smaller guest list. One reason getaway weddings are seeing an uptick is lessening travel restrictions and cheaper travel. It’s also becoming more popular to plan events for an entire weekend so that the couple and guests have even more time to socialize and enjoy each other’s company, no matter the destination. Many wedding venues offer weekend packages to help you plan a full experience.

speciality wedding vendors 2022

Unique Wedding Vendors

Next year, expect to see more than your typical wedding vendors—venue, photographer, DJ, hair and makeup stylists, caterers, etc. Couples are booking more niched wedding vendors than ever before. This might be entertainment in the form of a live painter, music or dance performers, or even animals! Couples and guests alike are loving these specialty wedding vendors and we expect many 2022 weddings to feature some sort of unique vendor.


Sustainable weddings aren’t anything new in 2022, but they are becoming significantly more popular. From wedding dresses to table settings, sustainability is on many couples’ minds as they plan their wedding day. There are also more sustainable options for 2022 weddings than ever before, making it even easier to find eco-friendly and responsibly sourced items.

sustainable weddings 2022

Postponed/Anniversary Celebrations

Couples who had micro-weddings in 2020 or 2021 are planning larger celebrations in 2022. Many couples who could only have a limited number of guests in attendance at their actual wedding ceremony will have a postponed “reception” or anniversary celebration with many more guests. We are curious to see how these events play out and if couples will choose to wear wedding attire, have a wedding cake, etc. or do things a little differently. These celebrations will be something totally new to the wedding industry in 2022! If there’s one thing we have learned from weddings in the past couple of years, though, it’s the importance of making your wedding celebration unique and special to you.

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