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The day started out misty & foggy for Jon + Casey’s July 4th wedding. But being so high up on the mountain, it felt as if we were up in the clouds. It was truly magical & breathtaking. Though a bit stressful for our couple, as most everyone dreams of sunshine for their big day. But just as the ceremony was about to start, the rain stopped & they were able to take their vows over one of the most amazing views the Hudson Valley has to offer. Such a beautiful venue for an extra awesome couple. We are so thankful to Jon + Casey for allowing us to be apart of this most special day. Enjoy their day!


Jon + Casey 1 Jon + Casey 2 Jon + Casey 3 Jon + Casey 4 Jon + Casey 5 Jon + Casey 6 Jon + Casey 7 Jon + Casey 8 Jon + Casey 9 Jon + Casey 10 Jon + Casey 11 Jon + Casey 12 Jon + Casey 13 Jon + Casey 14 Jon + Casey 15 Jon + Casey 16 Jon + Casey 17 Jon + Casey 18 Jon + Casey 19 Jon + Casey 20 Jon + Casey 21 Jon + Casey 22 Jon + Casey 23 Jon + Casey 24 Jon + Casey 25 Jon + Casey 26 Jon + Casey 27 Jon + Casey 28 Jon + Casey 29 Jon + Casey 30 Jon + Casey 31 Jon + Casey 32 Jon + Casey 33 Jon + Casey 34 Jon + Casey 35 Jon + Casey 36 Jon + Casey 37 Jon + Casey 38 Jon + Casey 39 Jon + Casey 40 Jon + Casey 41 Jon + Casey 42 Jon + Casey 43 Jon + Casey 44 Jon + Casey 45

If that’s not enough visual goodness for you, here is the film Jesse crafted for them:

  1. Chris Hamilton says:


    We stumbled upon your website through vendors of Oak Hill (Livingston Mansion) in Hudson, NY. We are getting married there Saturday, June 10th, 2017. We really enjoy your photography, and were wondering if we could get some information on pricing/packages. It also looks like you might do videography as well? Please let us know, and we look forward to hearing from you.

    Chris and Mallory

  2. Ross Seaman says:

    The pictures do a great job of capturing a fabulous moment. Donna and I were so happy to be a part of Casey and Jon’s amazing day!

  3. casey levin says:

    Thank you so much for this and for capturing our wedding day so beautifully!

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