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Maura & Seagda’s Story

We fell in love with Maura and Seagda’s sweet love story the moment we met them! Over twelve years ago, Seagda started taking Irish button accordion lessons from Maura’s father. Maura still remembers meeting Seagda for the first time. She had curlers in her hair, a fuzzy robe on, and leftover makeup from the day before. Later, Maura’s father needed someone to fill in for him at their music gig. He advised that she call Seagda and ask if he could fill the spot. After their first gig together, they eventually became friends and did more shows together. They realized they were meant to be together as they spent more time together!

Farm Engagement Photos

When Maura and Seagda first reached out to us about planning their engagement session, they wanted to have their session at one of the locations we’ve done sessions at in the past. One day, they were visiting a local farm with highland cows. They instantly imagined having their engagement photos taken in a similar field. They thought the backdrop of majestic animals, Maura in a flowy white dress, Seagda playing the accordion—it would be perfect! Rebecca reached out in the community and found the farm where we had their engagement session. We love how romantic and dramatic their photos turned out, just as they imagined!

Hudson Valley Engagement Photographer

A lot of couples worry that their engagement session will be a painful task—not everyone loves having their photo taken. Maura told us, “Seagda was pretty nervous at first. On the best of days, Seagda is not the first one to jump in front of the camera. Instead he prefers to be in the background of shots or to be pictured in truly candid moments. Couple that with the fact that we were in a field of 25-35 horned cows…it took a bit to loosen up! Rebecca and Jesse had us loosen up pretty quickly by allowing us to just act our weird and wild selves.” Their session ended up being enjoyable for all of us, despite some initial nerves. We loved every second of sweet couple’s farm engagement session!

Plan Your Hudson Valley Engagement Session

If you are looking to plan a Hudson Valley engagement session, we would love to help you to find a location! We recommend a setting that is unique to you and your relationship. Maura’s advice sums it up best, “You want to make sure that you are taking the pictures that you want hanging in your home for the rest of your lives and to have the pictures that you want your children and grandchildren to hold onto and hopefully romanticize.”

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